• License Activation

    License Activation

    Step 1 Activate Workspace.From “License request window” please choose “I have a license key …” option and click “Next” Step 2 Please type the key characters, from left to right, into the text boxes, Starting from top left box. You can copy the key from the mail you received and paste it into the top left [...]

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  • License request

    License request

    Step 1 Activate Workspace, you are required to apply for a license. If you have a license, please follow the instruction for license activation, otherwise choose “Generate license request” option and click Next Step 2 In the license request window, fill in all required information. For temporary license, please choose “30 days trial license”, otherwise [...]

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  • Templates Design

    Templates Design

    Table Templates Design Tool – Table template is the smallest template format that can be used. Tables can be used in various places and can be embedded in different documents. Table cannot stand alone and it always part of a document. the definition of a Table is very flexible and all parameters of a Table [...]

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  • Solution


    Nolla tools guide you through the automation design process, from the initial definition of manufacturing components, all the way through automatically generating PLC code for use in the manufacturing process. The workflow of a manufacturing process automation project using Nolla is shown below: Each step in the process is described briefly below: Environment Setup – [...]

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  • Key Product Features

    Key Product Features

    Document Section – Table – Provide the ability to store any data in a table format. The table is flexible and can be created and modified according to the user needs, the following can be modified – number of columns, for each column names, caption, data entry types, width, alignment and more. User can define [...]

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  • Creating Structured Projects With Nolla

    Creating Structured Projects With Nolla

    Why Structured Design? As processes become increasingly complex, manufacturing organizations struggle to define, implement, and then troubleshoot automated processes.  The cost associated of not finishing projects on time is staggering. And once the processes are implemented, the costs associated with troubleshooting malfunctions during downtime are daunting.  The need to bring structured discipline to manufacturing process [...]

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