Creating Structured Projects With Nolla

Why Structured Design?

  • As processes become increasingly complex, manufacturing organizations struggle to define, implement, and then troubleshoot automated processes.  The cost associated of not finishing projects on time is staggering. And once the processes are implemented, the costs associated with troubleshooting malfunctions during downtime are daunting.  The need to bring structured discipline to manufacturing process definition and implementation is driven by the business requirements of efficiency and expediency in all that is related to keeping the manufacturing lines humming, with a minimum of downtime and damaged goods.

Implementing Structured Designs

  • While it is possible to manually create structured designs, computerized design tools are uniquely suited to the task. Computerized tools structure and automate the tasks of fleshing out the detail, creating the necessary component hierarchies and dependencies, checking for missing and incorrect information, and perhaps, most importantly, re-using pre-defined and pre-tested components.

Until now, manufacturing organizations have turned to generic tools like spreadsheets, or customized home-grown solutions.  Now, there is Nolla WorkSpace.

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