Comply to S88 Nolla WorkSpace Helps You Comply to Industry Standards

Nolla WorkSpace Helps You Comply to Industry Standards.

Many companies manufacture different products using shared equipment and facilities. This batch-wise operation is particularly popular in industries such as food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and metal. The need to continuously adapt manufacturing facilities introduces enormous complexity in batch manufacturing. Poor planning and execution introduce inefficiencies that decrease a company’s ability to compete in today’s marketplace.

To promote flexible manufacturing, the industry developed the ISA S88 set of standards, as a methodical and standard way to plan and execute batch process manufacturing. S88 is a set of standards that covers batch process control.

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S88 is a design methodology for equipment, software, and procedures. S88 provides a framework and a consistent set of design guidelines that help streamline process automation. By defining batch processes using design hierarchies and tying them together via procedures, S88 provides an extremely flexible framework and methodology to define the most complex batch manufacturing processes. The following are some important S88 guiding principles:

  • Manufacturing is modularized into the discrete elements, recipes, equipment, and control activities.
  • Control activities drive equipment behavior. Control can be manual or automated.
  • Recipes are defined independent of the equipment used to in the manufacturing process. Equipment control and recipes are two distinct entities.


The Good Automation Manufacturing Practice (GAMP), defines a complete lifecycle for the computer system development associated with manufacturing processes. GAMP dictates a structured design process. An S88 process design typically employs the GAMP model for the computerized portions of the design.

The GAMP model is shown in the following figure: GAMP is important because it provides a framework in which computerized design tools can help streamline the automation process. Nolla products adopt and implement GAMP processes as a design methodology for becoming S88 compliant.

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