Case study Pharmaceutical Plant Contractor

Background: Biopharmax is a leading international design and construction company of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Chemical (API) plants including critical, sterile systems and clean rooms. Biopharmax specializes in turnkey projects, offering a wide range of engineering specialties to suit the requirements of its customers and partners worldwide(

    The Problem: Biopharmax wanted to be more competitive by streamlining operations, as well as offering new value-added services to customers.

      The Implementation: Biopharmax implemented Nolla in several projects, including Sigma Aldrich, a leading life science and high tech company.

        The Results: Using Nolla, Biopharmax and Sigma Aldrich realized the following results:

          In its first project using Nolla, “time to project” was reduced by 50%, compared with manual design methods used in the past.

            Systems are running smoothly and the project is extremely well-documented.

              Next Steps: Already adopted as the standard in-house design tool, Biopharmax will continue to use Nolla for future projects.

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