Case Study Multi-national Food Conglomerate

Background: National ice cream division of a global food conglomerate

The Problem: Corporate headquarters mandated the world-wide adoption of S88 as a design methodology for process automation. In order to comply, the division tried to implement a manual process, but was not successful. They then sought a computerized solution and engaged with Nolla.

The Implementation: The division employed Nolla WorkSpace for a new project. Process and automation engineers were productive with Nolla within a few hours of installing the software. The entire project was modeled in Nolla and rolled out using the software’s reports. As a result of a single project, the division found that 30% of the factory is already documented with Nolla.

The Results: The division realized all the following benefits:

  • The “time to project” was reduced by 50% compared with manual design methods used in the past.
  • Automation processes are now clearly understood by production managers, process engineers, and automation engineers, so the time needed to troubleshoot problem has gone way down.
  • Line modifications are easier and faster to implement since the fear of downtime has been significantly reduced

Next Steps: The division plans use Nolla to complete the documentation of the factory.

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