The Nolla Suite of Products

From P&ID to Implementation – Quick and Easy.

The Nolla Suite is a set of software-based, manufacturing automation specification tools that help you create S88 compliant specification, quickly and efficiently. Using Nolla, manufacturing organizations have been able to reduce the amount of time and effort to complete a project by up to 70%.

The Nolla suite of software products includes the following tools:

  • Nolla Workspace – a specification tool for complete manufacturing Process Specification, includes physical items specification, process specification & physical tree creation. Understanding the specification differences for each manufactures, the software provides a set of tools that allow the user to create Table templates, Document Templates and Project Templates according to their needs.
  • Nolla P&ID Grabber – a tool that captures P&ID drawing items, then imports and maps the drawing items information to the structured design environment of Nolla Workspace. The capability to leverage P&ID drawing to jumpstart process automation projects is a huge time-saver. Furthermore, automated mapping ensures that components are fully defined and are consistent across all project documentation. Costly errors are eliminated.
  • Nolla Code Generator – a tool that automatically generates PLC code based upon tested and validated specification. The ability to automatically generate validated PLC code is a boon to automation engineers, since time to project completion is vastly reduced. Coding, debugging, and troubleshooting are eliminated.
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