Templates Design

Table Templates Design Tool – Table template is the smallest template format that can be used. Tables can be used in various places and can be embedded in different documents. Table cannot stand alone and it always part of a document. the definition of a Table is very flexible and all parameters of a Table can be modified including number, name, width, and type of the columns.
Document Templates Design Tool – Document template enables to design the document format according to the user needs. It is possible to decide how many sections will be included in the document, each section is tab selected. Each section is a document part that can have an independent format. For example part of a document (a single section) can have a text editor while another section will have a viewer support.
Project Templates Design Tool – Project template is a set of predefined documents that are automatically created when a new project is created. In the template design user can define which document and the right hierarchy of the documents that will be included in the project template.
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