Data Organization

  • Library – The highest level in the data hierarchy is the library. Library is a single file or SQL database. Library contains all information related to customer templates and customer projects (All process specification planned with Workspace). Library can be packed and sent by mail, and the receiver will have all information needed. Example for libraries is company name (like DSW) and all projects related to DSW will reside in this library.
  • Folder – is the second highest level in the data hierarchy. Folder main task is to separate different kind of information according to the customer needs. Folder can be a department, cell, or production line in a factory. Folder contains documents, subfolder and projects (based on project template)
  • Project – Project is an organized structure of set of documents. Project may contain set of document from the following types- document, document set, or folder.
  • Document Set – Document set enable to define several documents that will be included under a single header where all documents has the same template. Document set can be used to define all processes in a single production line.
  • Document – Document is a single data entity that is made of several sections where each section can be independent defined. Document is the user interface to the data specification. Document can be placed in a document set or under a library/folder/project.
  • Document Section – Document section is part of a document and is tab selected. Section is a part of a document and can have different type of formats. It can have text editor format, table format, viewer format, and more. (Please read more)
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